JPR Live Session: Robert Ellis (2019)

Dec 27, 2019

Texas Piano Man - the new album and persona of Robert Ellis - is something his friends and bandmates could see coming from miles away. In fact, Ellis had to create the full blown bedecked character in order to finally be himself on stage.

Robert Ellis is always quick to laugh, and indeed this whole project has a bit of a wry smile to it. Sitting at the piano has opened up a different songbook for Robert Ellis - some his own, and some covers that just didn't work out well on guitar. In the studio, Ellis talked about the various influences that shaped his new record, his evolution as a musician and songwriter, and his ridiculous new website designed to emulate an infomercial. He also shared a few tunes from Texas Piano Man for us with his full band. Thankfully, we've got a pefect piano for him to play!

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