JPR Live Session: Rhett Miller & Annalisa Tornfelt

Jul 31, 2015

Rhett Miller is the front man and main songwriter of the hard-charging rock ‘n’ roll quartet Old 97’s, as well as an accomplished solo artist. 

In addition to his studio albums with the Old 97’s, he has released six previous solo albums; 1989’s Mythologies, 2002’s The Instigator, 2006’s The Believer, 2009’s Rhett Miller, 2011’s The Interpreter and 2012’s The Dreamer. Rhett’s music has been featured in countless films, television shows and commercials. Rhett appeared in an episode of the NBC series 30 Rock and the Old 97’s were featured in the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston comedy, The Break Up. Primarily known for his songwriting and awe-inspiring live performances, Rhett is also a critically-acclaimed author whose work has appeared in several books and such well-known periodicals as Rolling Stone, McSweeney’s, and The Atlantic.

Miller's newest release, The Traveler features the Portland-based band Black Prairie as his backing band. Black Prairie lead singer Annalisa Tornfelt joined Miller in the studio and performed a song from her new solo record, The Number 8.