JPR Live Session: The Lone Bellow - Friday, March 27th At Noon

On Friday, March 27th at Noon, JPR will broadcast a very special JPR Live Session with The Lone Bellow on Open Air. This particular session was recorded on March 12th - the day after the group played the last large public concert in Portland, and the day before their (and every other touring artist's) tour was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Guitarist Brian Elmquist says of the new album Half Moon Light, “I want it to bring comfort. But it’s not all hard conversations. There’s a lot of light and some dancing that needs to happen.

Half Moon Light is a project worked toward for years, earned not by individual posturing, but by collective determination and natural growth. With earthy three-part harmonies and songwriting as provocative as it is honest, the trio made up of Brian, lead vocalist Zach Williams, and multi-instrumentalist Kanene Donehey Pipkin creates sparks that make a stranger’s life matter or bring our sense of childlike wonder roaring back. On Half Moon Light, The Lone Bellow mix light and dark to muster a complex ode to memory, a call for hope, and an exercise in empathy. Anchored in the acoustic storytelling that first so endeared the band to fans and critics, Half Moon Light also takes more chances, experimenting with textures and instrumental fillips to create a full-bodied music experience. The result is The Lone Bellow’s most sophisticated work to date.

The record marks a return to recording in New York with Aaron Dessner, whom the band counts as both a hero and a friend. “We already had a friendship with Aaron and a strong, shared understanding of our musical vision,” Zach says. “It’s really important to us to be a part of a community of musicians. We like that way of making something. Aaron showed us a new way of trusting. His idea of bringing in Josh Kaufman and J.T. Bates was such a beautiful gift. The meekness that these friends brought to the table was something that we will never forget. A sense of controlled fury. Lightning in a shoebox.

Listen Friday, March 27th at Noon for a very special JPR Live Session with The Lone Bellow on JPR's Rhythm & News Service. To listen online, click the "Listen Live" at the top of the page and select "Rhythm & News."


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