JPR Live Session: Leif Vollebekk (2020)

Mar 20, 2020

Leif Vollebekk is a Montreal-based singer and songwriter whose last record Twin Solitude was a finalist for Canada's Polaris Prize.  After that album release and tour cycle, Vollebekk took a moment to reflect and find clarity about his next steps. Vollebekk says his new release New Ways is about engaging and changing, touching and being touched.  “Anything that I wouldn’t ever want to tell anyone—I just put it on the record."

The sound of sounds (rooms, mics, amps, instruments) has always intrigued Vollebekk. A few recent albums of other artists (including that of fellow-Montreal artist and good pal Patrick Watson) had the exact sonic qualities Vollebekk had bouncing around his head for New Ways.  As it turns out, all of those albums had been recorded at Capitol Studio B in Hollywood - a highly regarded location known for both it's unique sound and it's pedigree.  Armed with his new collection of heartfelt songs, he set of for California to craft the album. Ironically, Vollebekk now feels like he may have missed an opportunity to truly cash in on the studio's musical 'mojo.'
When Vollebekk last visited, JPR didn't have a studio equipped with a piano, so we took full advantage this time around and got Leif to play an older favorite as well as a couple of tunes from the new release.

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