JPR Live Session: Jesca Hoop (2020)

Feb 14, 2020

On her latest album Stonechild, singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop enlisted the help of producer John Parish, who she claims "killed one of her darlings" on the way to a record characterized by stark minimalist arrangments. The album's title and theme (and cover art) was inspired by an unusual mask on display at the Mutter Museum.  It led to Hoop's exploration of secrets, lies, and the process of letting go.

Friends Kate Stables (aka This Is The Kit), Rozi Plain and Lucius all added touches to the record, which frames rather dark lyrical content with beautiful melodies and Hoop's trademark fingerpicking.

She was joined in the JPR studio by fellow singer-songwriters Chloe Foy and Kirana Peyton.

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