JPR Live Session: Boy & Bear

Dec 20, 2019

Boy & Bear have been living on the radio charts in their native Australia since 2011, when their debut album won them five Aria awards and landed three separate songs on the "best of the year" list assembled by influential radio station Triple-J.

Their newest album, Suck on Light, came after a difficult period for the band.  A nearly 4-year hiatus sidelined their output when lead singer and songwriter Dave Hosking contracted a mysterious intestinal pathogen.  Diagnosis and treatment continues, but Hosking's condition has improved enough to get him back in the studio and out on the road - always with an eye on his health.

The band dropped by the JPR studios to talk about their place in the Australian music landscape, how their connection as mates kept them together and focused during Hosking's extended illness, and what it's like to play to American crowds.

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