JPR Live Session: Blair Crimmins And The Hookers

Oct 18, 2019

Dixieland and ragtime wasn't Blair Crimmins' first musical stop, but it's the one he and his band The Hookers have made their home.  Their sound is a combination of witty lyrics, tight playing and the kind of deft percussion that almost sounds like they've got a sound effects guy in the band.

For years, Crimmins was a rock 'n' roller, but a freak accident left him with cognative and hearing loss, and the loudness of the music he was creating just wasn't palatable any longer. Instead, he turned to the music made popular in the early 21st century -- a slightly softer, but no less raucous combination of ragtime and dixieland, vaudville, and pop sensibility.

Crimmins brought his entire band into the JPR studio for the session. His latest release is called You Gotta Sell Something.

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