JPR Announces A New Full Power Classics & News Station in Shasta County

Mar 9, 2020

Things just got a whole lot better for classical music fans in Shasta County. Jefferson Public Radio is thrilled to announce that their Classics and News Service is now available at 101.1 FM in the Redding area. The new frequency, KWCA, is a full power FM station operating at almost 5,000 watts, which will provide a significant improvement in coverage and audio quality to the region. 

JPR's Classics and News Service, established in 1991, has been broadcasting to Shasta County since the mid-90's via a 100 watt translator that was plagued with static and signal problems even on its best day. The acquisition of 101.1 allows JPR to improve the signal by almost 50x, allowing more listeners to enjoy the melodies of Beethoven and Mozart, as well as live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera and performances from the New York Philharmonic and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Classics and News Service of JPR, operating 24 hours a day, also features NPR news programs like Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

JPR encourages Shasta County listeners to check out the improved signal at 101.1 immediately. For more information, visit JPR's website at or call the station at 541-552-6301.