Jordan Cove Says Feds Should Issue Approvals Despite State Objections

Feb 24, 2020

The company behind the proposed Jordan Cove Energy Project in southern Oregon says lack of approval from state agencies is no reason to delay giving the project the federal approval it needs. 

In a letter Monday to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, Jordan Cove argues that the state of Oregon is mistaken.

Last week, officials with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development told Jordan Cove the controversial pipeline and LNG export terminal must have state permission in hand before FERC can give the federal go-ahead. So far, the project hasn’t received any of the approvals it needs from three Oregon agencies.

But Jordan Cove’s letter maintains the issues before FERC relate to different laws than those the state agencies dealt with. The feds should give the project a green light, Jordan Cove says, and then require the company to get state approval before actual construction can begin.

Last week, FERC voted 2-to-1 to delay a decision on Jordan Cove’s federal permits in order to further consider the state’s objections.