Foster Care Caseloads Soar For CASAs In Douglas County

Aug 21, 2017

The flow of children into foster care ebbs and flows, and it is flowing now, in a big way. 

Credit Steevven1/Wikimedia

The number of children who have entered the foster care system in Douglas County alone has increased from 41 children in 2013 to 204 children so far this year.

That’s a 398 percent increase, according to data released this year from the Oregon Department of Human Services.

That means more work for DHS, but also for court appointed special advocates--CASAs--who represent the children in court. 

CASA staff say most of their cases have families struggling with drug abuse.   And nearly 300 children are on a waiting list for CASAs.

CASA of Douglas County's Richelle Bryant and Katherine Elisar visit with details of problems and remedies.