Foresters Prepare For Controlled Burning Season

Oct 14, 2019

There was a great deal of discussion during the recent smoky fire seasons of the need for prescribed burning.  It results in some smoke under controlled conditions outside of fire season, in the hope that there won't be a lot of uncontrolled burning IN fire season. 

And sure enough, even before fire season ended on the Oregon side, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest began planning for its controlled burning season. 

Rob Budge is on the RRSNF fire staff; he joins us with an outline of the program and details on how the burns are handled.  


Rob followed the interview with some numbers and links:

Here’s number for the prescribed fire info line that I mentioned on the show :

·       Rogue Valley Interagency Communications Center Prescribed Fire Info Line:  800-267-3126

Also, here are our web & social media links that we use to send out prescribed fire info:

·       Rogue Valley Interagency Communications Center:

·       Facebook:

·       Twitter: