The Effect Of Wildfire Smoke On The Body

Aug 4, 2015

A lot of us saw smoke plumes rise in the air from nearby wildfires. 

Not fog... Ashland-area smoke, Monday August 3rd.
Credit Geoffrey Riley/JPR

And then we didn't see much at all, as the smoke settled into the valleys and obscured the view.  Worse, it created potential health challenges through worsening air quality

Parts of the Rogue Valley spent the weekend with air listed in the "hazardous" range. 

Retired environmental toxicologist Bruce Hope once worked for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and still volunteers on its Air Toxics Advisory Committee.

He joins us with some of the finer points of smoke in the lungs and the dangers it causes.

Below: video from Highway 99 near Ashland on Thursday, when air quality was listed as "Unhealthy."

Link: DEQ provides a visibility-to-air-quality rough index.