Celebrating Seeds And Marking Their Changes

Nov 2, 2016

The very word "seed" is used many different ways in our language.  But it's always about beginnings. 

Flax seeds.
Credit Wikimedia

Plants begin with the planting of seeds in the soil.  Basic and simple, but the planet has created tremendous numbers of plant and seed varieties. 

And the diversity of seeds is less important in large-scale agriculture; that's one of the points of the film "Seed: The Untold Story." 

It shows in the Rogue Valley in the coming days, and co-director Taggart Siegel visits with details of the project.  

In person for post-show talkbacks:

Grants Pass - Taggart Siegel at the 6:30 PM show, Friday Nov. 4 at SouthGate Cinemas

Ashland - Taggart Siegel at the 6:30 PM show, Saturday Nov. 5 at Varsity Theatre