Cannabis Growers Deal With Pot Glut

Jun 8, 2018

Oregon is producing way more cannabis than its population can use.  The state's U.S. attorney said so recently, and warned the federal government would crack down on the black market, particularly growers sending product out of state, illegal under federal and state law. 

Law enforcement aside, the glut of pot has sent prices sharply lower, affecting the solvency of cannabis-based businesses. 

Peter Gendron leads the Oregon SunGrowers Guild and Peter Gross runs Green Valley Wellness in Talent. 

They visit with tales of selling marijuana in Oregon at reduced prices.  

Their report: outdoor-grown cannabis went for as much as $1800/pound, now is as low as $300/pound.  Indoor-grown bud went for up to $2500/pound, now gets as little as $700/pound.