Cannabis Buffers Debated In Mt. Shasta

May 31, 2019

150 feet can make a big difference.  California's Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use in the state, allows municipalities to set buffers between cannabis-based businesses and places frequented by children, like schools. Many jurisdictions have opted for 600-foot buffers, which were advised, but not required, by the state.

When the Mount Shasta City Council voted recently to set the buffers at 450 feet, it got an earful from opponents.  Tom Scovill, for one, is not happy about what he sees as the city promoting marijuana businesses; he circulated petitions to force a public vote on the issue.  The Council will discuss the matter again at its June 10 meeting.

Tom Scovill is our guest, along with Mt Shasta Planning Director Juliana Lucchesi.