Black Friday: More "I'll Be Seeing You"

Nov 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day and the day after provide days of rest and feasting for the Exchange crew.  In place of the Exchange, we offer a four part series, I'll Be Seeing You: The Technologies That Watch Us.

8am/8pm - Episode Three/Hacking ISIS -- Cracking into the Most Secretive and Deadly Terrorist Organization in the World
We go behind-the-scenes of a military unit to reveal, for the first time, how soldiers cracked into ISIS's network and launched missions against the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

9am/9pm - Episode Four/Spycatcher -- Finding Insider Threats in the Digital Age
We delve into one of the most damaging spy cases this country has ever known, and explain how casinos, algorithms, and data surveillance will transform spying in the modern age.