Biff! Bam! First Friday Arts For February

Feb 1, 2018

Springtime is a long way off, but it's always arts time in the region. 

For a place that can be thinly populated, we pack a lot of arts organizations onto the landscape. 

One of the better-known, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, returns to the stage in February. 

That's just one of many events happening in theatres and galleries.  Our First Friday Arts segment seeks to publicize as many as possible in half an hour.  Listen to the list, or make it longer by calling 800-838-3760.

We'll see if the shortest month can provide a long list.

UPDATE: It did. 

We heard from:

Rogue Valley Symphonic Band

Livia Genise from Randall Theatre, A Tribute to Patsy Cline, and an Ella Fitzgerald Tribute.

Oregon Cabaret Theatre.

Grants Pass Museum of Art.

Rogue Valley Symphony.

Liberty Arts in Yreka.

Crater Drama's production of "Tag Me in Crimetown."

Britt Festivals.

Camelot Theatre.

Cascade Theatre in Redding.

Rogue World Music.

and The Vagina Monologues, in a Grants Pass show to stop violence against women and girls.