Geoffrey Riley

News Director | Jefferson Exchange Host

Geoffrey Riley began practicing journalism in the State of Jefferson more than three decades ago, as a reporter and anchor for a Medford TV station. It was about the same time that he began listening to Jefferson Public Radio, and thought he might one day work there. He was right.

Geoff came to JPR as a backup host on The Jefferson Exchange in late 2000, and he assumed the full-time host job at the beginning of 2010. The two hours of the Exchange allow him to join our listeners in exploring issues both large and small, local and global. In addition to hosting The Exchange, Geoff oversees JPR’s news department as its News Director.

Geoff is a New York native, with stints in broadcast news in Missouri, Alabama, and Wisconsin before his arrival in Oregon. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Opsis Architecture

Striking Medford school teachers returned to their classrooms on Monday, the first day back after a two-week strike.

The teachers' union and the district reached a tentative contract agreement Friday night.  Teachers struck on February 6th over a variety of issues involving pay, benefits, and working conditions.

Oregon Vaccine Exemptions Tighten

Feb 24, 2014
James Gathany/CDC

Parts of our region lead the country in avoiding vaccines. 

Ashland is especially high in the incidence of parents seeking vaccine exemptions for their children.  That may change under a law that goes into effect next week. 

Getting To Class Without The Car

Feb 24, 2014
University of Oregon

Anybody who ever tried to find a free parking spot near a major university can understand why many people opt not to drive to campus. 

Parking is scarce and often expensive. 

Evolutionary Origins Of Depression

Feb 24, 2014
Basic Books

When you look at the life span of the human species, we're still pretty young. 

It wasn't so long ago that our ancestors faced threats from disease and predators.

Cardiac Care For Heart Month

Feb 21, 2014

Forget the symmetrical hearts (filled with chocolates), those are SO last week.

But February IS American Heart Month, a time for all of us to focus on what our real (as opposed to our metaphorical ones) need.

Klamath County Prepares For Drought

Feb 21, 2014

California got there first, but Oregon is not far behind: declaring drought before winter is even over. 

Gov. Jerry Brown made the California declaration in mid-January.  Gov. Kitzhaber has only made declarations for four Oregon counties so far: Klamath, Lake, Harney and Malheur. 

Help With The Tax Return

Feb 21, 2014
Deviant Art/Wikimedia

We can't put off filing our income tax returns much longer. 

April 15th is less than two months away, and Uncle Sam takes a dim view of the “better late than never” attitude. 

Trying To Turn Bee Concern Into Legislation

Feb 20, 2014

The killing of tens of thousands of bees in the Portland area last year sparked widespread concern about the use of pesticides. 

And the concern translated to regulation, but so far, no legislation.  A bill to toughen up some pesticide laws just got watered down in the Oregon legislature.

Teachers are on strike in Medford, but should they be allowed to strike, anywhere?  And does universal pre-kindergarten confer all the benefits promised? 

Those are this week's VENTSday topics.

How To Work A Room

Feb 20, 2014

We often speak admiringly of people who can “work a room”... navigating a business or social gathering, impressing others as the move along. 

Somebody must have written a book about how to do that well.  In fact, somebody did.  Susan Roane even registered the trademark to the name How to Work A Room.


Oregon's short 2014 legislative session will end without new regulations on new cigarettes. 

Electronic or “E-cigarettes” came on the market fast enough to catch many regulators by surprise.

Yes, there is nicotine in the devices, but no actual tobacco.  Users do inhale burned nicotine and other substances, but in the form of vapor, not smoke. 

Marriage Campaign Ramps Up In Oregon

Feb 19, 2014
Giovanni Dall'Orto/Wikimedia

Oregon voted to enshrine marriage in the state constitution as a one man/one woman transaction nearly ten years ago. 

With the tide of public opinion changing, a campaign is mounting to reverse that earlier vote.  The Oregon United for Marriage Campaign wants to broaden the definition to include either two men or two women.

How Should We Live?

Feb 19, 2014

Maybe our predecessors could not imagine cell phones or cars, but they certainly spent some time thinking about life. 

And many of their thoughts about how to approach it are still valid. 

Meals On Wheels With A Wobble

Feb 18, 2014

The Meals on Wheels program for seniors is popular in Klamath County. 

Maybe a little too popular for its own good.  The program that delivers meals to seniors has a waiting list... and not much money to make that list shorter. 

Oregon Students Missing Out On AP Chances

Feb 18, 2014
The Leaf Project

College-bound high school students can get a leg up on their post-secondary education by taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams and classes. 

But a recent national report shows many Oregon students do not take advantage of the AP offerings. 

Depicting Native Americans In Project 562

Feb 18, 2014

There's not a lot of in-between in mass media depictions of Native Americans. 

We often get either the Hollywood depictions of noble warriors from the movies, or the news stories about alcoholism and poverty on the reservation. 

Getting Busy AFTER Retirement

Feb 17, 2014

Some people think of retirement as a set of sunny years playing lots of golf. 

Some other people might find that concept of retirement to be something straight out of hell. 

Reviving Crop Donation Tax Credits

Feb 17, 2014
kcmckell/Live Aloha

Drop a bag of clothing off at Goodwill, and you'll get a receipt and a potential tax credit. 

But farmers who grow extra acres of food and donate the produce to food banks get no such tax credit in Oregon.  And they used to. 

The Truth About Trust

Feb 17, 2014

They can be two of the most chilling words you'll ever hear in combination: “trust me.” 

But we can't simply rely on ourselves and our own judgment for everything in life.  At some point we have to trust somebody else. 

Retrenchment Looms At Southern Oregon U.

Feb 12, 2014

"Retrenchment" is not a word used lightly on the Southern Oregon University campus.

It is the term required when the university considers program cuts that would result in faculty jobs being lost.