Darnell Willison

Jefferson Exchange Student Assistant

Darnell Willison was raised in Portland and moved to Ashland in 2015 to study Emerging Media & Digital Arts at Southern Oregon University.

A tinkerer and self-proclaimed introvert, his fascination with media and technology began as a child where he would find himself taking apart old electronics to study their components.

Darnell's focus shifted toward music as a teenager. He followed in his father’s footsteps as a DJ for a few years, doing private and community events which led to his internship as a studio hand with the band Nu Shooz as a senior in High School.

As an EMDA student, Darnell aims to be the "Swiss Army Knife" of Media, somebody who can do a little bit of everything.  As an Student Assistant on the Jefferson Exchange, Darnell pushes all the buttons that make the live program work, and gives the weather at the top of each hour.

With his fascination for people and love of media, Darnell hopes to have a long, prosperous career in radio and dreams of one day hosting his own show.