Charles Ter Bush

As It Was Contributor

Charles Ter Bush is a retired legal publishing executive.  Charlie and his wife moved to Ashland in 2014 from Chicago to be nearer her son and his family and the beautiful Oregon countryside.  He has joined the Southern Oregon Historical Society and is enjoying learning and writing about the area.  Charlie is a recovering attorney whose legal writing career consisted primarily of explaining tax law in clear English, so writing about Oregon history is a clear improvement. When not writing or researching, Charlie spends much of his time playing trombone in various local jazz and classical ensembles.

The Medford Rogues minor league baseball team had a banner year in 2017, winning the championship of the Great Western League. Although the Rogues only started playing in 2013, Medford minor league baseball originated in 1948 with the Medford Nuggets, an affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Populism, loosely defined as dissatisfaction with ruling elites, has figured prominently in the nation’s political discourse over the past year, but the idea is nothing new in Southern Oregon.

In Southern Oregon, the sound of a helicopter often heralds another season of logging in the Cascades and Siskiyous.  Before the 1970’s, logging in the Pacific Northwest was primarily the province of earth-bound men and machines.  There had been interest in using helicopters for logging in the 1950’s and 60’s, but until the development of heavy-lifting copters for military use in the Vietnam War, the aircraft couldn’t handle the weight of heavy timber.

Railroad stations generally remain in one place, but the original Ashland depot, built in 1884 when the Oregon and California Railroad reached Ashland from Portland, had an unusually mobile existence.