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April Ehrlich is a reporter, newscaster and producer at Jefferson Public Radio. She helps host JPR's local newscasts during Morning Edition, produces radio spots and features as a general reporter, and organizes segments for JPR's daily talk show, the Jefferson Exchange.

Reach her at 541-552-7075 or ehrlicha@sou.edu.

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As temperatures drop, the city of Grants Pass is again trying to establish a warming center for people who are homeless. But city officials have made clear that they can’t pay for it.

Michael Sullivan | The News-Review

Umpqua Community College officials say there are low-levels of toxic lead dust in a former National Guard armory that is slated to become student housing.

However, they say they can't provide the lead test results to the public because the college doesn't have those results on file.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

Pacific Gas and Electric Company restored electricity all of its customers over the weekend. Last week, the major California utility decided to shut power to prevent its equipment from sparking another wildfire during strong, dry winds.

In Shasta and Tehama counties, many people were inconvenienced — some even endangered — when the power went out. But mostly, people were just bored and out of work, leading them to find creative ways to pass the time without electricity.

April Ehrlich/JPR News

Pacific Gas and Electric officials say winds have died down enough to begin safety inspections of its equipment. Still, while the utility says power has been restored in Humboldt, Siskiyou and Trinity Counties, electricity remains off in other parts of northern California, including Anderson, south of Redding in Shasta County. 


UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, OCT.9, 5:15 a.m. ... In a press release, Pacific Gas and Electric says it has begun proactively shutting off power to about 800,000 customers across California due to a high wind event. The shutoff is to prevent the utility's power lines and transmission equipment from sparking a wildfire.

Cal Fire

Cal Fire officials say a slower fire season has given them more time to ensure property owners are maintaining a defensible space around structures.

Michael Sullivan | The News-Review

Umpqua Community College administrators say they’re postponing the move-in date for students into a newly renovated student housing building due to the possible presence of toxic lead dust.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

The Fall term started Monday at Southern Oregon University, which saw another decrease in student numbers.

US Forest Service

The fire season is over in Oregon starting in October — at least officially.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

Latino playwrights from across the country met in Ashland Sunday morning to discuss the deeper meanings behind their plays, where they draw inspiration, and the challenges they face when expressing their cultures onstage.

Southern Oregon University

Oregon's public university union workers reached an agreement with Oregon’s public universities over the weekend, averting a strike that was planned for Monday, the first day of the fall term for many college students.

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The California Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily halted efforts to raise the Shasta Dam by nearly 20 feet.

Geoffrey Riley/JPR News

Many people around the region have had to confront the possibility of losing their homes to wildfire.  The progression may seem simple, load-evacuate-survive, but it's not simple for everyone. 

Challenges from lack of a car to physical disabilities could hinder evacuation.  JPR's April Ehrlich gauged the effects of wildfire on diverse populations in Northern California in a series called "Oppressed By Wildfire."

The series will run the rest of this week (September 24-27) on The Exchange. 

April Ehrlich | JPR News

Wildfire isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, fire has been an integral part of Native American culture for centuries as a tool to keep forests healthy.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

When a major wildfire burns into an urban area, federal disaster officials are quick to offer financial help to people who lose their homes. But not everyone is eligible for aid after a wildfire.

In fact, if you don’t have a home address, there’s a good chance you can’t even get into a shelter.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

Some people say they only had minutes to prepare before they had to flee their homes during the Carr Fire in Shasta County last year. Such short notice was extra challenging for seniors and people with disabilities.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

Abandoning your home while fleeing a wildfire can be a traumatic experience. It’s even scarier if you don’t understand the language of the evacuation alerts chiming into your phone.

Kim Budd / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

With flowers and children in tow, people crowded into an Ashland theater last week to watch their friends and family become naturalized U.S. citizens.

April Ehrlich | JPR News

The Ashland City Council passed a controversial ordinance Tuesday night that opponents fear will criminalize homeless people and allow police racial profiling.

Those protestors lined outside the Ashland council chambers to voice their concerns on what they call the “stop and identify” ordinance, which allows police to arrest someone who they suspect of breaking city rules if they don’t provide their name and date of birth.

christopdesoto via Flickr

A suspect died after an officer-involved shooting Tuesday morning at the Oregon State Police office in Grants Pass.