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Reading the name of Oregon's current Poet Laureate can make people do a double-take.  Because his name is Stafford.  Kim Stafford

He is the ninth poet laureate of the state, and the second with the name Stafford; his father William also held the job in the 70s and 80s. 

Kim Stafford has made his own way in the world of literature, writing and teaching poetry and prose. 

Geoffrey Riley

Even if the wet winter produces a light fire season and a relatively smoke-free summer, there are perceptions to counter.  Our region got a reputation over the last few years as a place where wildfires get big and destructive, and smoke collects at unhealthy levels. 

This creates issues for local residents and the tourism business, a mainstay of the region's economy.  Travel Southern Oregon and Southern Oregon University joined forces for a marketing study examining tourist perceptions of wildfire smoke. 

RV Symphony

The Rogue Valley Symphony reached out for a world-class pianist to perform in its final concerts of the season, "Masterworks 6." 

And RVSO reached all the way to... Ashland.  That's where Alexander Tutunov works and plays and teaches piano. 

He'll play Beethoven's Piano Concerto #3 in the concert.  And we get a musical preview, as Tutunov and RVSO Musical Director Martin Majkut pay us a visit... in the music studio, complete with piano. 

Robbie Short/CALmatters

California has been deeply involved with the oil and gas business since the first wooden derricks were erected in sleepy Kern County in the 19th century. But these days California is flush with laws, regulations and goals that will likely cause the state to eventually sever its long relationship with fossil fuels.

Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

Since taking office in January, Gov. Gavin Newsom has put forth sweeping proposals on issues like health care, housing and wildfire prevention, in hopes of legislative action later this year.

He’s also made lots of splashy announcements — not all of which are as bold as they appeared.


Wolf populations are increasing in Oregon, which makes a proposed wolf management plan released Monday all the more controversial. In fact, neither conservationists nor cattle owners are entirely happy with the proposal.

Public Domain

"A rising tide lifts all boats" is often the rationale for tax cuts for wealthy people.  But the phrase can be applied in other ways, too. 

For one, the California Immigrant Policy Center recommends helping residents develop skills for the workforce, regardless of immigration status, because it can help the overall economy.  CIPC lays out the case in a recent policy brief

Criminal justice reform advocates are getting a thorough airing of their proposals, with some changes in law already passed. 

Oregon is one of several states where the legislature is considering bills to change the juvenile justice system, so people do not enter the justice system as children and stay there for life.  

The senate passed a comprehensive overhaul bill, SB 1008, on Tuesday.  The bill goes to the house.

The ACLU of Oregon is one of the groups pushing for juvenile justice reform. 

National Park Service/Public Domain

Human management of the environment is based on a lot of trial and error.  Even if we're willing to fix the errors, how far back do we go? 

The first humans to affect the landscape didn't take notes, so there's a lot of guessing... and no guarantees that we've considered the myriad of variables. 

Former park/forest ranger Jordan Fisher Smith points out the difficulties in managing wilderness and other land types in his book Engineering Eden, now in paperback. 

Iris Schneider / CALmatters

For communications professor Jason Jarvis and his wife, Jun, California just got more expensive. The Inglewood couple, who last year paid $16,000 in state and local taxes, were only able to deduct $10,000 of it from their federal taxes this year.


The legal cannabis industry is certainly making the dollars flow in Northern California.  Example: business property that sat vacant for years got buyers--from cannabis-related businesses--soon after legalization. 

Shasta Gateway Industrial Park in Shasta Lake City sold off its last three undeveloped parcels in the boom.  There are some particular twists in the activity in a mostly cash-only industry. 


Arguments over water are par for the course in the West, but the situation in Mount Shasta has dragged on for a while.  That's where Crystal Geyser plans to open a bottled-water plant, but is meeting opposition. 

The City of Mount Shasta's recent issuance of an industrial waste discharge permit moved things a step further, and drew protest from the group that uses the acronym W.A.T.E.R. and the Winnemem Wintu tribe. 


Josephine Ensign dedicated herself to helping homeless people by giving them health care at a free clinic.  Then her entire life turned upside-down, and she too ended up homeless for a time. 

She is back under a roof, the author of the book Catching Homelessness, and the head of a project at the University of Washington that aims to help homeless young people. 

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How Land Managers Select Prescribed Fire Areas

Apr 15, 2019
Jes Burns/ OPB

Before we began stopping fire in its tracks, forests were healthier. They had fewer trees, more open space and more fire.

Scott Rodd / Capital Public Radio

The city of Sonora has taken its time when it comes to cannabis.

The State of Oregon has told the Jordan Cove liquid natural gas project that the state needs a lot more information before it could issue a key permit. 

On Friday, May 3rd at 2pm, JPR welcomes singer/songwriter Olivia Millerschin back into the studios for a JPR Live Session presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.


Does a change in state gun laws track with a change in homicide and suicide by gun?  It does, shows an analysis of gun laws and gun data for all 50 states, from 1991 to 2016. 

It's a huge volume of data to process, but a team affiliated with the National Institute of Health put it all together in research recently published.  The team can't say for sure that the relationship is causal, but there is a relationship. 


New products for skin care and adornment debut all the time, making all kinds of claims about their scientific foundations.  But the practices are very old, in some cases. 

The Rogue Valley's Neeta Singh learned techniques and substances from her mother and grandmother that may date back five thousand years.  And she built a business on them, Neeta Naturals Ayurvedic Beauty & Wellness

Neeta Naturals and its founder are this month's focus in our business/entrepreneur segment, the Ground Floor.