Mnuchin Says He Has 'Not Yet' Reviewed Memo Mandating IRS Turn Over Trump Tax Returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he has "not yet" reviewed a confidential draft Internal Revenue Service memo, which reportedly said the agency must turn over a president's tax returns to Congress, unless the president asserts executive privilege. Appearing before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, Mnuchin said he looked at the memo for the first time "literally on the way up here." According to the memo, obtained by the Washington Post , disclosure of the President's...

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JPR Live Sessions Presented By Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: Frances Cone

Timing matters. With or without you the train is departing; the second hand doesn’t really stop when you won’t wind your watch; inspiration strikes in an instant but its reckoning can take an eternity. In the world of music, the concept of time doesn’t just pertain to cues to come in or a 4/4 beat - it is also equally about patience and the space an artist must allow themselves to create.

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What Broke PERS, And What Might Fix It

The name is only four letters long, but the issues with it can take volumes to explain. PERS, Oregon's Public Employee Retirement System , has billions of dollars on hand to pay to retired public workers. The trouble is that there's a gap between what it will need to pay workers in the future, and the projections for its income. The gap is more than $26 Billion, and closing the gap requires ever-larger payments into the system by state and local governments. Former Oregon AFL-CIO president Tim Nesbitt and his former boss, Governor Ted Kulongoski, have proposed a pair of ballot measures to bring PERS into line. Their organization is PERS Solutions for Public Services .

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Oregon Considers Changing The Way Mentally Ill People Are Committed

Last year, Don Bagliens 19-year-old son experienced a psychotic break. It was a Sunday afternoon. He picked up the family picnic and threw it over the fence. Then he started turning on every faucet in the house, dragging furniture outside and howling. By the time the evening rolled around, he was convinced that his air conditioner unit had some kind of poison in it and was releasing some kind of toxic chemical that was going to kill him. So he unplugged it and he was going to roll it down the...

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Michelle R. Smith / AP Photo

Gavin Newsom Turns To Obamacare Playbook To Reach The Hard To Insure And Hard To Count

Brochures in clinics serving the uninsured. Home visits from “census promoters.” Ads in Spanish-language media. With millions of dollars in federal funding at stake, California is trying some unusual strategies to encourage hard-to-count populations to participate in the census and exploring ways to link them with other public outreach efforts, including ones aimed at uninsured Californians.

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Fewer Oregon schools met state benchmarks on standardized tests last year -- according to a state report released Thursday.

Students struggled on math, writing, and science tests at every grade level. Only high school reading showed improvement.

Deputy superintendent Rob Saxton suggests a few possible explanations. For instance, students used to take the tests up to three times. Last year, students were limited to taking them once or twice.

Wildfire season is not over yet, despite the widespread rains of the last couple weeks.

Moving SLEEPS Around Eugene

Sep 11, 2013
Lulu Vision

The back-and-forth of the Eugene SLEEPS protest continues.  SLEEPS, Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep, features people camping in public places around the city of Eugene.   

A judge ruled that demonstrators have the right to remain overnight in Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.  But then Lane County commissioners ordered the entire plaza closed for cleaning.  Commission Chair Sid Leiken explains the county's approach to SLEEPS and its issues.

Stink Bug Invasion

Sep 11, 2013
Steve Jacobs / Penn State University

There are stink bugs, and then there are stink bugs.  Our region is home to a native variety, but a foreign interloper concerns insect researchers.  The non-native stink bugs could eventually reproduce in great numbers, causing problems for homes and agriculture.  Oregon State University horticulturists are working on the issue.

Siskiyou Secession Talk

Sep 10, 2013

The "State of Jefferson" concept never translated into an actual state, but the idea is alive and well.  Siskiyou County Supervisors recently voted to pursue seceding from California, due to frustrations with a perceived lack of attention from the federal and state governments.  How far will it go?  You'll hear from supervisors pro and con.  

At The End Of The Sewer Pipe

Sep 10, 2013

As much as we'd like to think the contents of our toilets just go away when we flush, there is no such place as "away."  But communities around our region continue to look for ways to treat sewage and other waste products in ways that benefit the environment.  The efforts include the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary and the Biocycle Farm of the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission in the Eugene area.

Keeping Yreka's Past Safe For The Future

Sep 9, 2013

There's a lot of history in our region, and a lot of reminders of it--some of those in pretty rough shape from the passage of time.  And there's often more enthusiasm than money available for restoring historic sites.  The Yreka Historic Preservation Corporation works to preserve pieces of the past in its city, including a historic church given to the corporation a few years ago.

Kids don't need much of a reason to pick on each other, but the concern heightens when teasing turns to bullying.  A number of programs work to ease bullying in schools, including several programs of the Lotus Rising Project, which seeks to make life better for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) people in Southern Oregon.

No Refuge For Ducks In Klamath Basin

Sep 6, 2013

The drought in the Klamath Basin this summer only worsened the situation of too many entities seeking use of the same water.  Somebody loses, and this year, the losers include ducks in the federal wildlife refuges in the area.  You'll hear the scope of the problem from the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Oregon Wild Campaigns Against Clearcuts

Sep 6, 2013
Tim Giraudier / Oregon Wild

Congress returns to business today, and a key item of business for the region is up for consideration.  Members of Congress from both parties in Oregon support a plan to divide the former O & C lands managed by the federal government, with a portion managed intensively for timber (and county revenue).  Opponents are mounting a campaign against the measure, under the banner "Oregon Home of the Clearcut."


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