Trump Threatens To Send Detained Immigrants To 'Sanctuary Cities' As Retaliation

Updated Saturday 8:47 p.m. ET President Trump confirmed reports that he is strongly considering sending detained immigrants in the country illegally to "sanctuary cities" to try to punish Democrats who have opposed his stringent immigration proposals. The comments came hours after White House and Homeland Security officials said the idea had been scrapped. "We'll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it's a state or whatever it might be,"...

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JPR Live Session: The Brothers Reed (2019)

Despite their brotherhood, Aaron and Phil Reed didn’t start playing music together until five years ago after Phil left their hometown of St. Charles, Missouri to join Aaron in the unsullied mountains of the American Northwest. The brothers family blend of folk encapsulates the grit and humor of Midwest life with the swagger and serenity of the west coast. Their style evokes finger picking folk singers of the 60’s and 70’s with a contemporary and boundless edge. Cultivated from years of performing in bands ranging from heavy metal to reggae and rock, to punk, country, and funk, their musical dichotomy is at the root of their diverse yet seamless folk-brand.

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Breaking The Silence: Compass Radio

It is not unusual for a person who has suffered from mental illness to have at least considered suicide. Several of the members of Southern Oregon Compass House who have told their stories on our Compass Radio segment described suicidal feelings. Media outlets around Oregon join forces April 7 to 14 in a campaign called "Breaking the Silence," to speak out loud about suicide and contributing factors. So this month's edition of Compass Radio visits with a member who can help us understand suicidal thinking.

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Keeping It Civil: How To Talk Politics Without Letting Things Turn Ugly

In a deeply divided America, a casual political debate can easily spiral into a shouting match — even if both parties set out to keep things civil. So how can we talk about thorny issues with people who fundamentally disagree with us? Over the past two months, NPR has been traveling the country for our series Civility Wars to see how Americans are grappling with the idea of civility in polarizing times. During that time, we heard from the new mayor of Charlottesville, Va., on why she's wary...

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Wood Brothers Live Session

Sep 20, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This live session archive from October 20th, 2009 features band The Wood Brothers, made up of brothers Chris and Oliver Wood and full-time band member Jano Rix.

Tommy Emmanuel Live Session

Sep 3, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This archived live session features artist Tommy Emmanuel.

Darol Anger Live Session

Jul 13, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This archived live session from July 13th, 2010 features artist Darol Anger.

Jonatha Brooke Live Session

Apr 22, 2010

This live session from April 22nd, 2010 features artist Jonatha Brooke.

Kara Grainger Live Session Archive

Feb 24, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This live session archive from February 24th, 2010 features artist Kara Grainger.

Andrew Bird Live Session

Jul 16, 2009
Mark Butterfield

This archived live session from July 16th, 2009 features artist Andrew Bird.

Jesse Cook Live Session

Jul 11, 2008

This live session archive from July 11th, 2008 features artist Jesse Cook.


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