'Agreement In Principle' Reached On Border Security Funding, Top Republican Says

Updated at 1:39 a.m. ET Tuesday
Congressional negotiators have reached what they are calling "an agreement in principle" on a border-security spending agreement. Details of the agreement have not yet been released. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., says the full details will be released when the drafting of the bill is complete — a process that could be finished on Tuesday, at the earliest. The bipartisan deal was negotiated by members of the House and...

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JPR Live Session: Doe Paoro

On her third album Soft Power , L.A.-based Doe Paoro digs into her own frustration and anguish, and ultimately comes away with a newfound strength that’s profoundly inspiring.

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Investigative Journalism Non-Profit Starts Up In Oregon

Long and deep investigations make names and awards for newsrooms. But they don't make much money, so today's cash-poor journalism business tends to stay focused on shorter-term projects. Investigate West , a nonprofit doing investigative journalism work in the Northwest, just announced an Oregon-only spinoff called Underscore Media Collaboration. It's so new it doesn't have its own website yet; it will be fully functional by summer. Lee van der Voo , longtime journalist, will be the managing editor and is our guest.

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Peggy Peattie for CALmatters

A Web Of Threats To The Power Supply Could Leave Californians In The Dark

Russians hack Ukraine’s electricity network, turning lights off and on at will, rendering the country’s best tech hands helpless to intervene. North Korea takes over the controls of a South Korean nuclear power plant. Snipers with high-velocity rifles unleash a fusillade on a transmission station near San Jose, inflicting $15 million in damage.

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Native American Culture And Tradition Thrive Through Canoe Journey

Chinookan-speaking Native American tribes have lived in the Columbia River Basin formore than 15,000 years and used the river as a highway. American Indians have a continued presence on the river today and many look to the river to connect with their culture. In mid-July, we joined the Portland All Nations Canoe Family, which paddled much of the Lower Columbia River as part of Canoe Journey, an annual Native American canoe gathering. On the fifth leg of their week-long journey, they launched...

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Shook Twins

Jul 20, 2012
Qamuuqin Maxwell

This archived live session from July 20th, 2012 features identical twins Katelyn and Laurie Shook, Niko Daoussis, and Kyle Volkman, who make up the band Shook Twins.

ZZ Ward Live Session

Jul 17, 2012

This live session archive from July 17th, 2012 features artist ZZ Ward and guests.

Jake Shimabukuro Live Session

Jun 28, 2012

This live session archive from June 28th, 2012 features artist Jake Shimabukuro.

Maia Sharp Live Session

Jun 15, 2012

This archived live session features from June 15th, 2012 features artist Maia Sharp and guest Linda Taylor.

Tim Snider Live Session

Apr 17, 2012

This archived live session features artist Tim Snider.

Anais Mitchell Live Session

Apr 2, 2012

This live session archive from April 2nd, 2012 features artist Anais Mitchell.

Amy Ray Live Session

Mar 26, 2012

This live session archive from March 26th, 2012 features artist Amy Ray.

Elliott Brood Live Session

Mar 1, 2012

This live session archive from March 1st, 2012 features artist Elliott Brood.

Los Lonely Boys Live Session

Feb 20, 2012

This live session from February 20th, 2012 features band Los Lonely Boys, which is composed of brothers Henry Garza, JoJo Garza, and Ringo Garza, Jr.

Bee Eaters Live Session

Feb 8, 2012
Qamuuqin Maxwell

The Bee Eaters, featuring State of Jefferson locals Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, with Simon Christman returned to JPR to showcase their new trio sound.


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