Death Toll In California Wildfires Climbs To At Least 31

Updated at Monday 3:30 a.m. ET Wildfires continued to tear through Northern and Southern California on Monday, where firefighters were at the mercy of dry air and whipping winds fanning the deadly blazes. At least 31 people have died statewide. Authorities in Northern California said six more bodies were found in the scorched path of the what officials call the Camp Fire, which earlier was blamed for 23 deaths. Two people have been reported dead in a fire zone of Southern California. As of...

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JPR Live Session: Robert Ellis (2018)

Before signing with New West Records in early 2011, country songwriter Robert Ellis made a name for himself in Houston, Texas. Inspired by the country, folk, and bluegrass records he’d heard while growing up in southern Texas, Ellis began playing shows around the city, eventually landing a Wednesday night residency at a local venue called Fitzgerald’s. His audience grew as a result of those weekly shows, nicknamed "Whiskey Wednesdays" for their rowdy nature and half-drunk clientele, and Ellis earned more fans on the strength of his self-released debut, The Great Rearranger .

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Making Water From (Almost) Nothing

It just seems like magic. A machine uses wood chips and a few other ingredients to pull moisture out of the air, to produce water. 30 gallons a day, in the smallest unit. The name is apt: Skywater ; it just won the XPrize competition by perfecting a technology to provide fresh water to places that need it. David Hertz is the co-founder of the Skywater/Skysource Alliance.

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These Bridges And Tunnels Save Animals' Lives — And Prevent Car Wrecks

The first time Chris Branch hit a deer, he thought, Well, here it is. He knew the road he was driving in north central Washington well. Branch drove Highway 97 every weekday from his home in Omak to work in Oroville, often at late at night or early in the morning when deer are also on the move. "I never saw it, he said until his front bumper rammed the deer. His Subaru was totaled. He slammed on his brakes two other times for deer, skidding into collisions but not damaging the car too badly...

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Washington State University

Oregon Winegrowers Losing Vines To Red Blotch

Winegrowers across Oregon are tearing up their grapevines because of an aggressive disease likely brought in by plant nurseries.

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William Fitzsimmons Live Session

May 9, 2011

This archived live session from May 9th, 2011 features artist William Fitzsimmons.

Pato Banton Live Session

May 3, 2011

This live session archive from May 3rd, 2011 features artist Pato Banton.

Cas Haley Live Session

Mar 27, 2011
Qamuuqin Maxwell

This archived session from March 27th, 2011 features Cas Haley.

Chris Smither Live Session Archive

Feb 27, 2011

This archived live session from February 27th, 2011 features artist Chris Smither.

Meg Hutchinson Live Session

Nov 19, 2010
Geoff Riley

This live session archive from November 19th, 2011 features artist Meg Hutchinson.

Wood Brothers Live Session

Sep 20, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This live session archive from October 20th, 2009 features band The Wood Brothers, made up of brothers Chris and Oliver Wood and full-time band member Jano Rix.

Tommy Emmanuel Live Session

Sep 3, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This archived live session features artist Tommy Emmanuel.

Darol Anger Live Session

Jul 13, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This archived live session from July 13th, 2010 features artist Darol Anger.

Jonatha Brooke Live Session

Apr 22, 2010

This live session from April 22nd, 2010 features artist Jonatha Brooke.

Kara Grainger Live Session Archive

Feb 24, 2010
Mark Butterfield

This live session archive from February 24th, 2010 features artist Kara Grainger.


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