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Natasha Lyonne: Random Houses

Natasha Lyonne premiered three movies in two weeks-- Yoga Hosers, a Kevin Smith comedy/horror film about two girls who fight Canadian Nazis in the form of sausages; Antibirth, a horror farce about a party girl who finds herself pregnant with a demon after a crazy night; and Intervention, about a group of friends who come together to give a couple a marriage intervention. "That's my genre," she told host Ophira Eisenberg, of the off-beat projects she's been involved in.

Of the three, Lyonne notes that Antibirth was the most unusual. "Very, very strange picture. And this is me promoting it!" she added. Her character Lou is more of a party animalthan a party girl. "I feel like party girl is a complex term in our time...to me you say party girl and I think, you know, someone who's got a real will to live, dancing on a table." By contrast, Lou's life is depressing and dull. "She's cleaning a motel room, she finds a piece of pizza, eats the pizza. Maybe there's a cigarette butt in the pizza. She's like, 'oh look, half a cigarette.'" In line with her career filled with iconic female roles, Antibirthhas been compared to Rosemary's Baby. However, Lou is more "Rodney Dangerfield-esque" than Mia Farrow. "I guess certain things don't appeal to me, but I don't appeal to them. Like, it's a mutual thing that's not even on purpose," said Lyonne.

Lyonne offered a full day plan for those attempting to double-feature Antibirthand Yoga Hosers, which premiered on the same day. "I like a day-to-night get-up, a sensible shoe, I always carry an extra pair of panties, sunglasses and prescription glasses...Metro Card, $20, Amex, Visa, ID," she listed. Lyonne concluded, "So I would suggest thatsort of a strategy for the day."

For her special Ask Me Another challenge, we quizzed Lyonne, a self-proclaimed former avid reader and one-time inhabitant of Herman Melville's house, about famous authors' real homes.


On looking back on the progress since But I'm A Cheerleader

[The main character] doesn't think she's gay...In many ways, it occurs to me now, that that's sort of a lot of what's changed...Like, would Megan in But I'm A Cheerleader 2016 sort of, probably be aware that she was gay...I think that's very good news.

On being an avid reader

Really, Against the Day is, I think like, the only giant book I've read. These days though, what am I reading? Twitter? I mean, let's be honest. But yeah, once upon a time I was a big-time reader. That's tragic.

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