child safety


In an age of rampant childhood obesity, more children are encouraged to walk or bike to school, rather than riding the bus.  Easier said than done in many rural areas, where bike lanes are narrow at best and sidewalks often non-existent. 

The Safe Routes to Schools program is designed to fix up areas where kids can get themselves to school without buses. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and other agencies are partners in SRTS. 


In card games, getting an ace is usually a good thing.  In life, not so much... at least when ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

Therapists and community service providers increasingly pay attention to the ACEs people have had in their life. 

It's part of taking a "trauma-informed" approach to providing services from education to public safety. 

This is a focus of Southern Oregon Success, working to build resilient communities in the region. 

Irangilaneh, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Buses, bikes, and other non-car forms of transportation got some funding in the transportation package passed by the Oregon legislature in early July. 

There's even money for transportation that does not necessarily involve wheels of any kind: Safe Routes to School

The program to make the streets around schools safer for walking and biking children got dedicated funding for the first time. 

But while nobody's sniffing at $10 Million dollars a year (and more in a few years), there are limits to how the money can be spent. 

What NOT To Buy In Christmas Toys

Dec 11, 2015

Take it from any parent who ever shopped for Christmas toys: some of them just look so cute and fun, you grab them and head straight for the register. 

But it behooves us to be smart consumers in the toy aisles as well as in the rest of the store. 

OSPIRG, Oregon's public interest research group, just put out its list of toys that pose potential hazards--toxic, choking, or ingested--and found nearly two dozen of them.

Once upon a time, people might have been shocked at the idea of getting our kids' pictures and fingerprints taken just in case they disappeared. 

But picture-and-fingerprint events have been going on for decades, and they continue still.