Underground History: The Harris Cabin Incident

Jun 28, 2017

We have mixed feelings in our country about refugees who arrive on our shores seeking a safe place far from wars. 

Hillside near the Harris Cabin site; Interstate Five and North Valley High school in the middle distance.
Credit University of Oregon

But we forget that human beings in our own region felt the same impulse in the middle of the 19th century.  That's when the series of battles and skirmishes collectively known as the Rogue Indian War disrupted life in the region. 

One site of particular interest to archaeologists is the Harris Cabin, near Merlin in Josephine County.  The Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology has studied the site for years now. 

It is the focus of this month's edition of "Underground History." 

Our SOULA regulars, Chelsea Rose and Mark Tveskov, return.