Underground History: Black Butte, Where Railroads Meet

Mar 28, 2018

Anybody who knows a thing or two about railroads in our region knows the significant of Black Butte. 

It's the junction south of Weed where the Siskiyou Line of the former Southern Pacific, the old main line, meets its successor, the Cascade route: the current main line. 

Seems like a good place for some kind of celebration of railroad history.  And it is, through the efforts of the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture

It is not strictly a railroad museum, because it incorporates railroad literature and music and other aspects of railroad culture.  And it is the focus of this month's edition of Underground History, our regular confab with the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology, SOULA. 

Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose of SOULA returns to chat with BBCRC people.