New Year Means Drivers Can Obscure Or Black Out Addresses From Registration, Insurance Documents

Jan 2, 2018
Originally published on December 31, 2017 10:01 am

Beginning January 1st, drivers are allowed to black out addresses on their registration card and proof of insurance.

Legislation passed in the most recent session means the physical location of homes, businesses, post boxes, or where the vehicle is kept can be obscured.

David House is a spokesman with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. He says the reason for the new law is to protect drivers from identity theft or other crimes, should criminals break into their car and find these documents.

“One scenario we’ve heard is, you’ve parked your car at an airport, at long-term parking," House says. "And they find your address, and they think maybe you’re on a trip, and it’s safe to burglarize your house.”

Other new laws taking effect in Oregon include an increase in the surcharge for Crater Lake license plates, from ten to fifteen dollars per plate.  And people will no longer need to take a driving test to get an endorsement on their license for driving three-wheeled motorcycles, known as “autocycles”.

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