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Hurricane Willa, an "extremely dangerous" storm heading to Mexico's Pacific coast, was upgraded to Category 4 by the National Hurricane Center late Sunday.

The storm, with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph, is about 210 miles away from Cabo Corrientes, a municipality in southwest Mexico. The storm is moving north-northwest at 7 mph, according to the NHC's latest advisory.

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Migrant Caravan Grows to 5,000

9 hours ago

A growing crowd of Central American migrants in southern Mexico resumed its advance toward the U.S. border on Sunday. The advances have overwhelmed Mexican officials' attempts to stop them at the border.

The Associated Press reports that the number of migrants swelled to about 5,000 overnight.

On Saturday, President Trump told reporters the migrants were "hardened criminals."

U.S. To Pull Out Of International Arms Control Agreement

11 hours ago

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How One Group Is Galvanizing Dissatisfied Voters

11 hours ago

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The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily suspended a youth-led climate change case against the federal government Friday. The case is scheduled to go to trial at the end of this month.

Nothing is simple when it comes to federal lands management. But in order to thin fire-prone forests — and to break legal and ideological gridlock — national forests in the Pacific Northwest are supporting collaborations with formerly adversarial interests.

The man accused of stabbing three men, killing two of them, on board a MAX train in Portland, Oregon, in 2017 is set to appear in a Multnomah County courtroom on Monday morning.

Jeremy Christian will be in court for several days of pre-trial hearings.

Prosecutors and Christian’s defense team will debate a series of motions that will define the scope of the trial set for late June 2019.

It's October, which means the season of pumpkin everything: pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cookies, and in Tualatin, giant pumpkin boat races.

Every year, gourd enthusiasts gather for the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta, where participants race across the Tualatin Lake of the Commons in kayaks made of, yes, giant, hollowed-out pumpkins.

The event is put on by the city of Tualatin and the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers Association. PGVGA president Brett Cooper spoke to OPB "Weekend Edition" host John Notarianni before this year's regatta on Oct. 20.

The 1968 Mexico City Olympics often are remembered for the victory stand protest by U.S. athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

But there were iconic sports moments too.

Bob Beamon smashed the long jump record. Sprinter Wyomia Tyus became the first person, woman or man, to win a second straight Olympic gold medal in the 100 meters.

Congolese rebels killed 15 civilians and abducted a dozen children in an attack at the center of the latest deadly Ebola outbreak, Congo's military said Sunday. The violence has threatened to again force the suspension of crucial virus contamination efforts.

The Allied Democratic Forces rebels, a Ugandan Islamist militant group active in the area since the 1990s, attacked Congolese army positions and several neighborhoods of Beni on Saturday and into Sunday, Capt. Mak Hazukay Mongha told The Associated Press.

Eight-year-old Lucy Gray is wide-eyed and quivering with anticipation when I arrive at her house in suburban Maryland. I am sorry to report that I am not the object of her excitement. She is thrilled because she will soon be cooking with my companion, Molly Birnbaum, editor in chief of America's Test Kitchen Kids.

More than a week after Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida panhandle, cities and towns are facing the daunting task of trying to rebuild. The recovery is hampered by catastrophic damage not only to homes and businesses, but to vital infrastructure as well.

The small Gulf coast town of Port St. Joe, with a population of about 3,500 residents, is one of countless communities that was hit by the storm.

"Everywhere you turn and go you see some kind of destruction," says the town's mayor, Bo Patterson. "Whether it was wind damage, whether it was water, one of the two."

Meet The Jews Of The German Far Right

17 hours ago

A small group of unlikely supporters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) — a party whose members have been accused of racism and downplaying the Nazis — has launched a new association. It's called "Jews in the AfD."

Just 19 members turned up to its launch event in the city of Wiesbaden last month, but the development has unsettled many in Germany's Jewish community.

President Trump said the U.S. will withdraw from a decades-old treaty with Russia that eliminated a class of nuclear weapons after he accused Russia of violating the treaty.

"We're the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we've honored the agreement, but Russia has not unfortunately honored the agreement," Trump told reporters in Nevada, "so we're going to terminate the agreement, we're going to pull out."

A new study of women with ovarian cancer shows that ignorance about the condition is common among patients in all 44 countries surveyed. And that ignorance has a cost.

The Los Angeles Dodgers outlasted the Milwaukee Brewers 5-1 in the deciding Game 7 of the National League Championship Series Saturday night.

With the win, the Dodgers will return to the World Series for the second year in a row, to face off against the Boston Red Sox — and look to rewrite last year's fate, after losing Game 7 of the World Series to the Houston Astros.

Guatemala's president says 2,000 migrants have returned to Honduras following a tense standoff on Friday between the mass caravan they had been traveling in and officers on Mexico's border with Guatemala.

The president of Honduras said another 486 members of the convoy were also en route back to Honduras, according to Reuters. The migrants were part of a group of thousands that attempted to cross a border bridge over the Suchiate River along the border between Guatemala and Mexico.