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Not long before they were accused of permitting a culture of sexual harassmenton Wednesday, the leaders of Oregon’s Legislative Assembly issued a memo.

The two-page document laid out steps House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney had been taking — in the wake of a harassment scandal that rocked the Legislature last year — to improve matters going forward.

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Southern Oregonians got a dose of fresh air over the weekend from an increase in wind speeds.  But the same winds that cleared wildfire smoke increased wildfire activity.

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UPDATE: MONDAY, AUG. 13, 11:30 a.m. -- Fire crews continue to make slow progress on bringing the Carr fire under control. The fire is still growing, adding about 1,300 acres since Sunday night.

Burning Money: The Facts On California's Soaring Cost To Fight Wildfires

Aug 3, 2018
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California’s current year-round fire season is producing more extreme and destructive blazes than in the past. Two recent examples are the Carr Fire that’s destroyed more than 1,000 homes in and near Redding — it's already the sixth-most destructive in state history — and the Ferguson Fire that forced the closure of part of Yosemite National Park in late July, at the height of tourist season.

As these fires grow in frequency and severity, the state’s cost to fight them is also increasing — dramatically.

With organic harmonies that enchant and uplift the spirit, The Real Sarahs share their special gift of vocal synergy. This trio of women, who are all named Sarah, enjoy the magic that is created by voices in harmony, acoustic instruments, and the energetic connection between artists and audience. Embracing many genres of music, you are likely to hear threads of folk, jazz, blues, and country running through their songs.

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The Carr Fire in northern California has slowed, as it moves past the city of Redding into rural areas to the north and west. As some evacuated residents are allowed back into their neighborhoods, they tell harrowing stories of panicked escapes, homes lost and lives changed forever.

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The federal government says marijuana is just plain illegal.  The state says it's legal for medical and recreational use. 

That's one level of complication... now what about at the local government level? 

Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan says the phone rings a lot at county offices, with people asking questions about what is and is not legal in the growing of cannabis. 

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When you think about all the processes that go on in our cars and trucks, it's something of a miracle that they work as well as they do.  There's a lot that can go wrong. 

And Zach Edwards makes a living from setting those things right again.  Zach is the owner of Ashland Automotive and a monthly visitor to The Exchange for our car-care segment, The Squeaky Wheel. 

What's squeaking or chattering or rubbing or grinding on your vehicle?

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When disasters strike, access to food is a top priority. With thousands still displaced by the Carr fire near Redding, the volunteer chefs of World Central Kitchen believe canned soup and bologna sandwiches aren’t enough.

In a commercial kitchen in downtown Redding, volunteers are slicing up pans of fresh herbed focaccia bread. Chef Jason Collis is overseeing today’s lunch:

"We’re doing Italian sausage and pepper pasta, with a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce."

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The Klondike Fire burning in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest west of Selma is getting too close for the comfort of firefighters and law enforcement.

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A procession of fire trucks and other emergency vehicles filed through the streets of Redding Thursday, accompanying the body of a firefighter who died in the Carr Fire.

Oregon Cabaret Theatre

It's been a bumpy few weeks for the arts world.  Wildfire smoke has forced cancellations of outdoor plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and forced the Britt Orchestra indoors. 

But there's a lot of summer left, and a lot of great arts events planned for stages and galleries across this wide region. 

We get a list of the events in our monthly First Friday Arts segment.  You can listen and make plans, or you can call with details of an arts event near you... just call 800-838-3760 during the live airing of the show, Friday between 8 and 8:30 AM. 

A major big-city newspaper (New York Daily News) lays off half of its editorial staff. 

Its former owner runs into fresh interference at the FCC in an attempt to create a mega-group of television stations. 

And people keep tweeting... lots and lots of tweets.  Just another month in the media in 2018, a month we cover with our friends from the Communication faculty at Southern Oregon University

Precious Yamaguchi and Andrew Gay discuss media in a broad range, from books to digital media. 

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Southern Oregon's largest active wildfire grew to nearly 30,000 acres Wednesday, but fire crews have kept it from crossing the Rogue River, and from joining another fire.

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The major fires in Northern California presented mixed news on Wednesday.  People are being allowed to return to more neighborhoods in the Redding area, but the toll of lost houses keeps climbing.

Indian Country Today went dormant for a while. 

The online source of news about Native Americans and by Native Americans had to figure out a way to become and stay financially viable, like many a news organization in the 2010s. 

ICT got back in the game earlier this year with the naming of a new editor and associate editor. 

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A guy connected to Lego must know something about creativity. 

And that is indeed the case for Ronald Beghetto.  One of his many hats is serving as a creativity advisor for the Lego Foundation. 

But Dr. Beghetto wears many others in studying and working to inspire creativity, especially in education.  He is one of the speakers at the Creativity Conference at Southern Oregon University August 3-6.

Josh Gross has a passion for music. 

Safe to say that Josh loves music in many forms, and he gets to demonstrate it by making his own AND by covering the music of others in his writing. 

We plug Josh into the Exchange once a month in a segment we call Rogue Sounds. 

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When a wildfire hits and people have to evacuate their homes, they often refuse to leave their pets behind. They pack their dogs in carriers and crates and head to the nearest emergency animal shelter, if there is one.

But increasingly people are refusing to separate from their pets, even if that means they can’t sleep in an evacuation center.

That was the case during the massive wildfire in Northern California that erupted last week. 

Amy Faubion said she wanted to sleep in the air-conditioned shelter with her dogs, but she couldn't